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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What did you say was on fire?!

I was going through some old files yesterday and came across an email sent to me in my final years with the BBC. It came from a friend who had been producing a BBC interview with a well-known Hollywood actor. The actor -- sorry, but I am with-holding all names to protect both the innocent and the guilty -- was enthusing about his girlfriend:

Hollywood Actor: "I'm so in love I couldn't care if my house was on fire."
Interviewer: "I wanted to mention your arse."
Hollywood Actor: "What arse?"
Interviewer: "You brought it up. You said your arse was on fire."
Hollywood Actor: "I said my house was on fire. Daft bitch!"

Fortunately, the interview wasn't going out live, so the interviewer was spared her blushes.

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