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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Are writers a danger to other road users?

My car has had to go into a local garage for repairs and as part of the deal I was to be supplied with a replacement vehicle for a week or so.

All was going swimmingly with the hire car arrangements until this happened...

HIRE CAR AGENT: Oh, I see, sir, that you are a writer. What sort of writer?

ME: Well, I write screenplays and books, mostly.

HCA: Mmm. That could be a problem, sir. We are not sure that we can get insurance for a writer.

ME: Are you joking?

HCA: No, sir, I will have to get this cleared.

ME: That's ridiculous. I've been driving for decades and no insurance company has ever raised this as an issue before. After all, I am not a stunt driver. I just sit in front of a computer most of the day trying to write and go out in the car from time to time like any other ordinary person.

HCA: Are you a "mainstream writer" sir?

ME: I'm not sure I know what you mean by that, but if you mean "am I a best-selling author?", then I have to admit that I'm not -- not yet anyway!

HCA: Well, sir, I'm afraid I will have to get you cleared before we can release the replacement car.

Three hours passed by before I learned that the insurance company was willing to let me have the car, but I was unable to get any explanation why my employment had been an issue.

Have other writers or any sort had a similar experience with car insurance? I'd be interested to know.

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  1. Entered on behalf of Susannah Ross:

    "I had a similar problem years ago, Ian. The renewal of my car insurance was taking an unusually long time. Finally the company said they couldn't renew it and when I asked why, they said their policy was not to insure BBC journalists. I was amazed. Clearly we are/were classified as dangerous, irresponsible people."


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