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Thursday, 5 September 2013

When is a Liberal a conservative?

Answer: in Australia. 

I sometimes am asked to explain why Australia's political parties seem to have policies that contradict their name. Here's my take:

Liberal Party:
Gives a new definition to the word “liberal”. Now so right-wing that even former leader and Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser dissociated himself from it. Some policies would have made Margaret Thatcher flinch.  During the time Sir Robert “Pig Iron Bob” Menzies was its leader, it should have been called the British Monarchist & Empire Party.
National Party:
Right-wing coalition partners with the Liberal Party and looks out for the interests of the cockies (i.e. farmers). Was once, more accurately, called the Country Party.
Labor Party:
Now almost as right-wing as the Liberal Party. Hasn’t been a socialist or social democratic grouping for many years. Terrified of making a stand in support of "illegals" (i.e. immigrants and over-stayers from anywhere other than the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.)
One Nation:
The party of vicious terminally-stupid white bigots. Hostile to Aboriginal welfare and non-white immigration. Has its heart in Queensland where it was set up by racist fish ‘n’ chip shop owner Pauline Hanson.
Green Party:
Set up to protect the environment, but frequently promotes policies that can be obsessive, over-the-top and counter-productive.
Family First:
God first, then perhaps the family. Hardline homophobic religious grouping. Wants every adult to be in a heterosexual marriage and to frequently attend and support Christian churches (but preferably not Catholic ones). 

Compiled by Ian D. Richardson. Twitter: @ian_richmed

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