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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Mega money for films

As a screenwriter, I have always been acutely aware that feature films are very expensive to make. Never mind the money that has to be paid to the actors, directors and writers, think of all the production, technical and support people required. 

The huge cost was brought home to me yesterday when my street in West London was swamped by crew, extras and actors filming just a few scenes for Simon Pegg's new movie Man Up. There were at least 10 huge lorries and buses, including a large catering one immediately outside my house. And, of course, the people who flooded our street did not included the film editors or the public relations and marketing men and women.

The setting up began about 9am and the filming began at 4pm and will continue until about 2am. All this, for just a few minutes of film, some of which might not even make it into the final cut.I can't even guess at the cost of yesterday's filming.

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