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Friday, 27 June 2014

Food for the mind as well as the body

From the Writers' Guild of Great Britain newsletter...

Free books given away at food banks

According to The Bookseller, Booktrust has given away 2,500 children’s books to food banks as part of this month’s National Book Start Week. Between 9 and 15 June, the charity gave away copies of Jez Alborough’s Super Duck (HarperCollins) to 60 food banks in England in partnership with Trussell Trust Foodbank network. Elizabeth Maytom, project leader at the West Norwood and Brixton food bank in London, said giving free books to families who are struggling financially is a “positive initiative”.

She said: “Books and toys are low down on priorities for families. Money will be spent on rent, energy, travel, food and sometimes school uniforms. We often try to give Christmas presents and Easter books for children but it hasn’t been easy. So a little book to take away and read at night is really positive.”

The Trussell Trust network helped 913,138 people in crisis from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014. Of that total, 330,205 were children. Booktrust is now looking to supply food banks with free books during next year’s National Bookstart Week. Interested groups can contact the Book Trust at nbw@booktrust.org.uk.

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