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Monday, 23 June 2014

Sub-titles: a simple solution - SECOND UPDATE

My wife and I watched a film on DVD a couple of evenings ago and it took an infuriating four tries to get the sub-titles to work.

Why do film-makers conjure up unnecessarily complicated "set ups" on their DVDs. There is, after all, a simple way to do this without irritation. One DVD we watched a while ago had the simplest of solutions -- an opening menu with just two options:

1) Play

2) Play with sub-titles.

Now, why can't all film-makers do this with their DVDs?! So much better than all the complicated and confusing instructions we usually see.


We watched Grand Budapest Hotel the other night on a Blu-Ray DVD. The sub-titling instructions were infuriatingly confusing and after three unsuccessful attempts to get the sub-titles to work, we had to give up.

Sub-titling on live British TV programmes is also a continuing issue. You'll find the latest complaints here: http://bit.ly/1A1iJPZ

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