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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Why readers are attracted to this true detective story

I do not think that I have thanked you for your excellent book. I read it in two days (which is very good for me as I am not a reader as such). Within our genealogy group your book is in such high demand that I ordered one from the library and both books are doing the rounds, with high praise from all who have read it so far. We are looking forward to watching the movie. -- JW, Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia.

Florrie's story certainly deserves a wider audience, as it is gradually revealed how a congential problem combined with the sexual prudery of the age and a terror of scandal to cause a major upset in Australian Baptist mission circles, and to ruin the life of a gentle and dignified young women. Now her great-nephew, in a sympathetic portrait, has finally put the truth on record. - E. Blunt, Amazon review

God's Triangle is a fascinating account by a former BBC journalist of a missionary marriage in the early part of the twentieth century that went mysteriously and scandalously wrong. - Mike Popham, TheInterviewOnline, UK

Ian Richardson begins to unpick a web of deceit spun around the failure of his Aunt's marriage and stumbles upon a family secret. His research reveals the tragic cost of a little-known syndrome and also throws light on the failure of the Australian Christian missions in Imperial India. - Anita Coulson, Amazon review

It's a very, very strong love story, and it's got a great setting. - Lauren Mitchell feature, Bendigo Advertiser, Australia.

Richardson was ruthless in his pursuit of the facts and uncovered a horrifying account in which no one came out favourably. - Full review. Beth Pevsner, Durham University, County Durham, UK.

What you have in this book, in fact, are two stories: one, the sad, harrowing even, tale of a woman fatally let down by her church, her family, her society, and her gender, the victim of ignorance and prejudice; and two, the addictive story of how a determined journalist overcame unexpected obstacles and finally ferreted out the truth. He took on family sensitivities, ongoing prejudice and ignorance and even the courts - and won! - TG Full Amazon review

A tale of tragedy and circumstance in a personal family history. Heartfelt and considered. - Review by Tracy Burgess, The Australian Atheist.

This is a very personal narrative where the author sets out to uncover a perceived injustice perpetuated on a distant relative by the Baptist church. The author honestly discloses that he is an atheist (fair enough) but his harsh critique of the Christian faith is at times gratuitous and ill informed. His theological knowledge is just sufficient to inoculate him from the reality of Christianity. His dogged research is highly commendable, but it becomes obvious that he comes to the subject from a pre conceived position. I found it interesting to learn about Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which is the key to unravelling this mystery. The book is well worth reading as it goes part way in explaining the complexity and variety of human sexual identity. - Claudia Sterling, Amazon review

A remarkable true story that has much relevance today - Charles, Amazon review

What a tale! - Tim Ferguson, author, comedian, TV presenter, Australia.

God's Triangle: A Missionary Tale with a Twist: One would not expect to read about a sex scandal and intrigue in a book about missionaries in India. Yet, God's Triangle by Ian Richardson, an ex-BBC journalist, is an unexpected page-turner. - Rita Payne, President, Commonwealth Journalists Association

Just finished reading God's Triangle and I really enjoyed it. I had NO idea the complexity of your research even though we have discussed it over the years and I should have known. It was a fascinating detective story. It was so interesting to see it slowly uncovered. I particularly enjoyed your trip to Bangladesh. And was amazed that the son had no idea his father had been a missionary and you had to show him the only photo of his dad's first marriage. - RA, London.

God's Triangle deserves a much wider recognition as I believe it to be a very important piece of work. - Review by Graham Mytton, Dorking, England. 

I've just finished God's Triangle. I hadn't intended to read it till I'd finished David Copperfield but I started to read the introduction and then couldn't put it down. It's a great piece of work. - RE, London.
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