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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Why so many people are suspicious of campaign to leave the EU

      (in no particular order)
  • ·         Bonkin’ Boris Johnson, MP, make-it-up journalist and wanna-be Prime Minister
  • ·         Michael Gove, MP, person of changeable loyalties and wanna-be Prime Minister
  • ·         Rupert Murdoch, American citizen and media manipulator of UK and Australian politics
  • ·         Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Hate (aka Daily Mail) and anti-democratic propagandist
  • ·         David Davis, UK Cabinet Minister who asserts that Brexit will be easy
  • ·         Liam Fox, cocky but clueless rightwing supporter of Brexit
  • ·         Jeremy Corbyn, dithering Eurosceptic leader of the Labour Party
  • ·         Barclay twins, non-domicile owners of the Daily Torygraph (aka Daily Telegraph)
  • ·         Jacob Rees-Mogg, entitled MP for the 19th century and wanna-be Prime Minister
  • ·         Theresa May, unsure out-of-her-depth and UK Prime Minister (at the time of writing)

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